Why managing a program is so difficult?

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By Juan Carlos Guzmán Monet, PMP®, IPMA Level B®, Senior Project Manager

jcgm-fotoIt is common that organizations design strategic projects to implement their strategy. However, most of the time they tend to fail with it. The reason for this, I argue, is that projects alone will not be able to deliver the results needed for the implementation of the strategy. There is a need for a larger process of synchronizing initiatives, assignments, tasks and projects that would help to achieve the strategic goals and to make the change possible. The organization should rather establish strategic programs which, on their part, would establish projects that would take the organization to the position set in the strategy. But this is such a difficult and uncertain task. My question here is why is it so?


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Login is working again

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I am happy to announce that login problem seems to be solved. I case you are Chapter member you should have received login credentials to your email (the email you…

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Project Management Forum 2016

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PMI Finland Chapter is pleased to announce its annual conference scheduled for May 19th 2016 at Aalto TUAS-House, Otaniementie 17 AS1 –auditorium Espoo Finland. The 2016 conference will again be a…

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Remote access for Helsinki BRT

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Since the beginning of this year, we always offer remote connection and you can join us from any place. The only requirement is to have a computer/laptop/tablet with headset and…

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Become a volunteer to earn PDUs

Examples how you can volunteer: Make a presentation in PMI Finland Chapter Breakfast Round Table (BRT) in Helsinki, Hyvinkää, Tampere, Turku or Vaasa Write an article and get it published…

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