The European Passport Programme

Getting MORE from your PMI Chapter membership

PMI Finland is proud to announce that as a Finland Chapter member, you can now access events organized by 39 PMI chapters across Europe. This opens tons of opportunities for all of us!

Being relevant to our members and providing services that cater to the modern age is a challenge many professional bodies face. PMI chapters meeting in Rome recently decided to seize the opportunity of a more connected Europe by providing yet better services to our members.

Under the European Passport Initiative (which agreed on April 2017 at Rome) PMI chapters will welcome members of any of the originally 36 signatory chapters to their local events on the same terms as their own members. Wherever your travels take you in Europe, there is a good chance you will find a friendly community helping you to access networks and local knowledge that will give you a head start over your competitors.

We have brought details of all our events together in a single location at and provided an online form to help you register for our events.

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