PMP & CAPM Study Group 2017

Exam Prep Study-Group for CAPM & PMP credentials. Online sessions will be organised Mondays and Thursdays as follows:

Date Time Session
19.10.2017 19:00 Test session
23.10.2017 19:00 PM Framework (PMBOK 1-3)
26.10.2017 19:00 Project Integration Management (PMBOK 4)
30.10.2017 19:00 Project Scope Management (PMBOK 5)
02.11.2017 19:00 Project Time Management (PMBOK 6)
06.11.2017 19:00 Project Cost Management (PMBOK 7)
09.11.2017 19:00 Project Quality Management (PMBOK 8)
13.11.2017 19:00 Project Human Resource Management (PMBOK 9)
16.11.2017 119:00 Project Communications Management (PMBOK 10)
20.11.2017 19:00 Project Risk Management (PMBOK 11)
23.11.2017 19:00 Project Procurement Management (PMBOK 12)
27.11.2017 19:00 Project Stakeholder Management (PMBOK 13)
30.11.2017 19:00 Ethics & Professional Code of Conduct

Chapter members and non-members welcome; free for Chapter Members.

For more details or registration please contact the PMO study-group organiser Magdalena Władyka-Dyrkacz. For more details access here.

BRT Vaasa 16th June: Sales digitalization

Join us on 16th of June to hear a case presentation on how one Finnish industrial company has been able to digitalize their quote process.

80 % of the customers purchase the products they need from the company which makes the purchasing process as easy as possible (source: Gartner Group).

Kai Huittinen from Wapice Oy will present from the project perspective
What has been digitalized (quote process before and after project)
What is the role of different information systems
How was the sales digitalization project run
Lessons learned during and after the project

Presenter: Kai Huittinen, Consultant, Wapice Oy

  • Experience:
    • 4 years of experience from software and sales digitalization projects from different industries
    • Customer implementation projects and internal business development projects
    • Project management and implementation, Requirements specification, Consulting, Sales

PMI Finland in International Cooperation

In PMI leaders meeting we discussed with our colleagues from Northern Europe chapters and planned new co-operation that would benefit our members cross our countries. Our target is to provide more volunteering opportunities, yet more events and great opportunities for networking for our members.

Here examples of ongoing activities:
PMI Finland chapter has organised again this autumn study groups to support those who are self studying to PMP exam. This autumn PMI Poland chapter has been hosting more than half our PMP study group sessions and this is still going on. Additionally, our study group was promoted in PMI Poland and we got some participants from there and also from Lithuania.

With PMI Sweden, we have helped them to get in touch with agile specialists from Finland and we’ve exchanged training material on strategy workshop. Additionally, during 2017 we are planning BRT sessions in Vaasa where PMI Sweden members, (Umeå area) will be invited.

Furthermore, we’re planning to share more online events between Northern Europe chapters (Webinars, Study groups, BRTs, etc.) and offering conference tickets to all collaborating countries with local member prices. In the future, we’re planning to expand cooperation to PMI chapters from Norway and Lithuania.

We’ll keep you posted about progress of the increased co-operation and we’re always happy to hear from you with ideas and suggestions 🙂

Javier Martin, Director of Professional Development
Vesa Koskela, President elect, Director of volunteers

PMI Finland trip report to Europe leaders meeting in Athens 21st-23rd October 2016

Three of PMI Finland board members, Vesa Koskela, Javier Martin, Hannu Tenhunen, visited PMI Europe Leaders (“Region-8” or R8 -meeting) meeting in Athens 21st -23rd October together with our PM Conference 2016 project manager Satish Kumar.

Region-8, or “R8 meeting” in short, is yearly meeting where European chapter board members and volunteer leaders join to share their experiences on PMI activities, network with other chapters, learn from each others and have fun together.

This year R8-meeting had record attendance; there were total of 190 chapter and volunteer leaders joining. Geographically there were participants throughout whole Europe; from Finland and Norway to Greece and Italy, from Portugal and Spain to Armenia and Russia.
On Friday 21st, there was meeting with 24 chapter presidents, focusing on collaboration between European chapters. As outcome, all chapter representatives signed “Athens Declaration”, planning to identify and start activities to provide services to chapter members cross chapters. On behalf of Finland Chapter, declaration was signed by Vesa Koskela, President elect. Later during the R8 meeting, the number signatures was increasing to all 28 chapters.

Conference days had three parallel tracks with total of 18 presentations from different chapters sharing their experiences on various topics. Finland chapter made our first presentation in R8 meetings, when Hannu Tenhunen presented how to host and run PMI chapter website independently in order to have lower cost for the chapter.

From the presentations we got of several ideas and knowledge on e.g. how to better create events or how to support chapter volunteers. There were several great ideas identified and we start processing those during coming weeks and months. More information will be shared to all chapter members going forward.

Addition to visiting presentations, we all had great networking discussions with many chapter leaders where we exchanged experiences and ideas as well as agreed concrete actions for starting cross-chapter collaboration. Most importantly, we now have good relationships to start collaboration with Sweden, Poland, Lithuania and Norway chapters.

Team Finland,
Vesa Koskela, President elect, Director of volunteers
Javier Martin, Director of Professional Development
Hannu Tenhunen, Webmaster
Satish Kumar, Conference 2016 PM