PMI Finland trip report to Europe leaders meeting in Athens 21st-23rd October 2016

Three of PMI Finland board members, Vesa Koskela, Javier Martin, Hannu Tenhunen, visited PMI Europe Leaders (“Region-8” or R8 -meeting) meeting in Athens 21st -23rd October together with our PM Conference 2016 project manager Satish Kumar.

Region-8, or “R8 meeting” in short, is yearly meeting where European chapter board members and volunteer leaders join to share their experiences on PMI activities, network with other chapters, learn from each others and have fun together.

This year R8-meeting had record attendance; there were total of 190 chapter and volunteer leaders joining. Geographically there were participants throughout whole Europe; from Finland and Norway to Greece and Italy, from Portugal and Spain to Armenia and Russia.
On Friday 21st, there was meeting with 24 chapter presidents, focusing on collaboration between European chapters. As outcome, all chapter representatives signed “Athens Declaration”, planning to identify and start activities to provide services to chapter members cross chapters. On behalf of Finland Chapter, declaration was signed by Vesa Koskela, President elect. Later during the R8 meeting, the number signatures was increasing to all 28 chapters.

Conference days had three parallel tracks with total of 18 presentations from different chapters sharing their experiences on various topics. Finland chapter made our first presentation in R8 meetings, when Hannu Tenhunen presented how to host and run PMI chapter website independently in order to have lower cost for the chapter.

From the presentations we got of several ideas and knowledge on e.g. how to better create events or how to support chapter volunteers. There were several great ideas identified and we start processing those during coming weeks and months. More information will be shared to all chapter members going forward.

Addition to visiting presentations, we all had great networking discussions with many chapter leaders where we exchanged experiences and ideas as well as agreed concrete actions for starting cross-chapter collaboration. Most importantly, we now have good relationships to start collaboration with Sweden, Poland, Lithuania and Norway chapters.

Team Finland,
Vesa Koskela, President elect, Director of volunteers
Javier Martin, Director of Professional Development
Hannu Tenhunen, Webmaster
Satish Kumar, Conference 2016 PM

Why managing a program is so difficult?

By Juan Carlos Guzmán Monet, PMP®, IPMA Level B®, Senior Project Manager

jcgm-fotoIt is common that organizations design strategic projects to implement their strategy. However, most of the time they tend to fail with it. The reason for this, I argue, is that projects alone will not be able to deliver the results needed for the implementation of the strategy. There is a need for a larger process of synchronizing initiatives, assignments, tasks and projects that would help to achieve the strategic goals and to make the change possible. The organization should rather establish strategic programs which, on their part, would establish projects that would take the organization to the position set in the strategy. But this is such a difficult and uncertain task. My question here is why is it so?

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PMI Finland Conference 2017: Status

Conference project manager was appointed in Chapter Board meeting 12.9.2016. We are happy to announce Heikki Hartikainen taking the lead in conference arrangements. You can see a short bio in: PMI Finland Board

Conference theme will be around ‘Change’. Change… around us, in the working and business environment. Change… the changes our projects seek to perform. Change… in project management methods we use. Change… in the people; how to motivate, how to lead, how to manage myself.

More about the theme as soon as the team has finalized it and the board approved.

Now, it is time to apply for volunteer positions in the Conference team. Volunteering – in addition to making the Conference really coming alive – gives you opportunity to join a team and network with peers, earn PDUs (something you need if you are certified PMP or have any other PMI certification), perhaps learn something new, .. and enjoy seeing real results from your activities.

Read more about Volunteer positions here

PMI Finland Conference 2017: Volunteer positions open

Success of our PMI Finland Conference 2017 is in your hands.

The Conference is organized totally by volunteers like you and me.

Volunteering – in addition to making the Conference really coming alive – gives you opportunity to join a team and network with peers, earn PDUs (something you need if you are certified PMP or have any other PMI certification), perhaps learn something new, .. and enjoy seeing real results from your activities.

Now we are seeking the following people:

  • Team lead for Program (ID 8223)
  • Team lead for Marketing (ID 8226)
  • Team lead for Financials (ID 8229)
  • Team lead for Sales (ID 8228)
  • Team lead for Facilities (ID 8230)
  • Team members for all teams mentioned above (IDs 8231, 8232, 8234, 8235, 8238)

For team lead positions we are asking the applications by 17.10.2016, for team member positions by 31.10.2016. Note: we will be recruiting more volunteers later, so don’t panic if you miss the deadline :=)

How to apply?

We’d like to promote using of PMI’s official tool, VRMS (Volunteer Relationship Management System). So, the preferred way to apply is:

  1. Log in  VRMS with your PMI credentials
  2. Search for the position: you can use directly the ID above as a ‘search term’ OR you can use ‘Coordinator last name’ = Hartikainen OR you select ‘Chapters’ = Finland Chapter’ and ‘search term’ = Conference. (So, this is also a short training on VRMS for you :=)
  3. Send your application in VRMS

The other options – if you are busy or for any reason don’t want / can’t use VRMS – just send an email: OR call +358 400 610 016. These other options can also be used by non-members who don’t have access to PMI systems.

You are warmly welcomed to apply for a position AND tell about this opportunity to your friends and colleagues in project management – even if they are not PMI members.