PMI Finland Conference 2017: Volunteer positions open

Success of our PMI Finland Conference 2017 is in your hands.

The Conference is organized totally by volunteers like you and me.

Volunteering – in addition to making the Conference really coming alive – gives you opportunity to join a team and network with peers, earn PDUs (something you need if you are certified PMP or have any other PMI certification), perhaps learn something new, .. and enjoy seeing real results from your activities.

Now we are seeking the following people:

  • Team lead for Program (ID 8223)
  • Team lead for Marketing (ID 8226)
  • Team lead for Financials (ID 8229)
  • Team lead for Sales (ID 8228)
  • Team lead for Facilities (ID 8230)
  • Team members for all teams mentioned above (IDs 8231, 8232, 8234, 8235, 8238)

For team lead positions we are asking the applications by 17.10.2016, for team member positions by 31.10.2016. Note: we will be recruiting more volunteers later, so don’t panic if you miss the deadline :=)

How to apply?

We’d like to promote using of PMI’s official tool, VRMS (Volunteer Relationship Management System). So, the preferred way to apply is:

  1. Log in  VRMS with your PMI credentials
  2. Search for the position: you can use directly the ID above as a ‘search term’ OR you can use ‘Coordinator last name’ = Hartikainen OR you select ‘Chapters’ = Finland Chapter’ and ‘search term’ = Conference. (So, this is also a short training on VRMS for you :=)
  3. Send your application in VRMS

The other options – if you are busy or for any reason don’t want / can’t use VRMS – just send an email: OR call +358 400 610 016. These other options can also be used by non-members who don’t have access to PMI systems.

You are warmly welcomed to apply for a position AND tell about this opportunity to your friends and colleagues in project management – even if they are not PMI members.


CAPM & PMP Study-Group 2016. Will you participate? [You can earn PDU]

We, at PMI Finland Chapter, are organising an Exam Prep Study-Group again for CAPM & PMP credentials. We are now looking for volunteers to act as remote facilitators for PMBOK ed. 5 topics and of course participants to attend the Study-Group. Online sessions will be organised as follows:

  • Oct 10th – 0. Test session
  • Oct 13th – 1. PM Framework (PMBOK Chapters 1-3)
  • Oct 17th – 2. Project Integration Management       (PMBOK Chapter 4)
  • Oct 20th – 3. Project Scope Management     (PMBOK Chapter 5)
  • Oct 24th – 4. Project Cost Management      (PMBOK Chapter 7)
  • Oct 27th – 5. Project Quality Management (PMBOK Chapter 8)
  • Oct 31st – 6. Project Time Management     (PMBOK Chapter 6)
  • Nov 3rd – 7. Project Human Resource Management         (PMBOK Chapter 9)
  • Nov 7th – 8. Project Communications Management    (PMBOK Chapter 10)
  • Nov 10th – 9. Project Risk Management      (PMBOK Chapter 11)
  • Nov 14th – 10. Project Procurement Management           (PMBOK Chapter 12)
  • Nov 17th – 11. Project Stakeholder Management (PMBOK Chapter 13)
  • Nov 21st – 12. Ethics & Professional Code of Conduct

Facilitator prerequisite: CAPM or PMP, more recent certification preferred. You may apply for one or several sessions and will be rewarded with PDUs accordingly. Expected from you: Prepare and run the online session scheduled for 2 hours each (including Q&A). You may apply via PMI VRMS site.

Participant prerequisite: Chapter members and non-members welcome; free for Chapter Members.

For more details or registration please contact the study-group organiser Javier Martin (

Volunteers for Educational Foundation – bringing PM to schools

PMI Educational Foundation has material what can be given to schools for teaching basics of project managements to students.

We have volunteering opportunities for persons who wish to bring PM information to schools. Often this school that the one where one’s kids are going and we wish that our children are provided with basic information early in their schoold career and thus have benefits of PM knowledge already during their school years.

You can be voluneer by ‘adopting a school’ and we also offer coordination position who will help and work with the volunteers in this area.

The volunteer shall contact school and work through the material with teachers, enabling teachers to use the material in their work. Intention is that volunteer will not be working directly with students, but supporting teachers as required.

To volunteer, please contact: vesa.koskela( at )