Board Members

PMI Finland is operating by seven board members (Vesa Koskela, Bernhard Korjonen, Heikki Hartikainen, Javier Martin, Donna Roberts, Marco Stracquadanio, Lutful Mandson) and several volunteers are engaged occasionally to run our functional chapter operations.

Vesa Koskela(President), Currently project manager at Agfa Healthcare and responsible for delivering IT projects and X-ray system delivery projects for healthcare customers in Nordic. Prior to Agfa, I worked 15 years in R&D projects developing microchips for various customers around the world. I have worked as full-time professional project manager since 2001 in tens of customer projects. I have also been working on developing design processes and practices, project management methodology and training.Contact: vesa.koskela(at) or president(at) or LinkedIn

Bernhard Korjonen, (Secretary), Bernhard has received his Master degree in Business Education from the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and a MBA from Haaga-Helia (Finland). He began his career in 1992 as an operative and strategic controller when he joined the family business, a medium sized construction business in Austria. In 1993 he took over the business which he successfully merged with another local company in Austria in 1996. Until 2003 he maintained his partnership in the company. In 1998 Bernhard moved to Finland and pursued a career as a project management consultant and coach. Currently he is a self-employed solopreneur, focusing on project management, social behavior and training. He has over 20 years of project experience, received his PMP in 2005, and is a PMI Finland Chapter member since then. Contact: bernhard.korjonen(at) or LinkedIn

Heikki Hartikainen  has received M.Sc. from TKK, Otaniemi 1984 Working at HP/HPE since 1985. Most of my career I have been leading delivery projects; implementing ERP systems, application development, etc. I have also been developing the project culture and PM best practice sharing at HP. PMP since 2011. Board member 2014-2015, 2016-2017. Contact: heikki.hartikainen(at) or LinkedIn

Javier Martin PMP, CSM graduated from two Master of Science Degrees, in IT management (Spain) and Telecommunication Engineering (Finland). He began his career in 2007 as IT engineer in the University of Aviation in Spain where he was promoted to Head of IT. In 2010 he moved to Finland to continue his studies and career. Javier started working at InlineMarket in 2012 for Nokia and Microsoft projects in areas such as CRM solutions, marketing automation, software development and cloud-based infrastructure. Currently working at Zalando Tech as a Product Manager. Contact: or LinkedIn

Donna Roberts, I am a Finland Permanent resident since 2004, originally from Canada. I have 25 years working experience in Telecommunications and wireless data industry including 10 years in management with Motorola on the product development and integration side of the business and 10 years in project management mostly on the services side of the business. The most recent 9 years I have been based in Finland as a Program and Project Manager for multi-country projects and global programs in Ericsson global service business including change management, managed services and other transformations. Contact: donna.roberts(at) or LinkedIn

Marco Stracquadanio has more than 17 years of experience in Telecom and IT Industry. Most of them were spent in different R&D roles, developing and managing R&D projects involved in software, hardware and architecture development of complex systems in large organizations.  In a previous life, he was an Army officer in the Italian Army. PMP since 2009 (as well as CSPO and SCM ) decided to share his experiences, acquired in vast and multicultural programs environment that can be useful for the Project Management community. Contact: marco.stracquadanio(at) or LinkedIn

Lutful Mandson has received his M.Sc. (Eng.) in Project Management from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology, NTNU. He has began his career as ‘IT Management Consultant’ in 2004, since then he has straighten in project management domain. Lutful has over 7 years of expertise in the int. project and clients service delivery, to resolve complex issues in Industrial projects and operational procurement (e.g. supply chain development, R&D and project control), PMI member since 2012. He wants to share his professional project business experience & knowledge with others, also he wants to bring efficiency in PMI Finland among with other volunteers. Contact: lutful.mandson(at) or LinkedIn