PMI Finland Conference 2017: Status

We are happy to announce five team leads in the Conference 2017 project group.

We welcome all other volunteers on board as well. Conference project kick-off is 27.10.2016 – you are welcome to the ‘LWT event’ even if you have not been registered as a volunteer. Any comments are also welcome.

Heikki Hartikainen, Conference 2017 project manager

Team responsibilities and team leads are:

Program, Maija Väisänen

  • Definition of conference theme, formulation of desired topics, and recruitment of speakers.
  • Communication with speakers before, during and after the event.
    Feeding Marketing with information.

Marketing, Anne Soininen

  • Marketing plan creation and marketing activities.
  • Marketing channels include conference web pages, newsletters, limited amount of (paid) advertising, social media channels, etc.
  • Content of marketing is coordinated with the Program team.

Sponsors, Paul Klunko

  • Sponsor package update.
  • Target sponsor list creation, sponsorship sales, negotiations and contracts.
  • All communication with sponsors before, during and after the event.

Financials, Lutful Mandson

  • Financial plan and budget creation and follow-up.
  • “Financials” include: budget creation, follow-up and reporting, web shop (holvi) maintenance, invoicing, payments.
  • Content for web shop is coordinated with Marketing and Sales teams.

Facilities, Peter Waenerberg

  • Selection and contracting of the venue.
  • Planning and performing all the on-site activities during the event.

Sales, NN

  • ‘Sales’ is strongly supported by Marketing, which produces content to channels like conference web pages, newsletters, limited amount of (paid) advertising, social media channels.
  • Sales team defines the target audience, including various types of companies and individuals (“PMI members”, “project managers”, “students”, etc).
  • Sales team plans how to reach out to target audience with mail, phone, visits, etc and performs sales activities.
  • Sales team is also responsible of the communication with attendants before and after the conference.