BRT Vaasa: The Complex World of Project Logistics

The speaker at the next PMI Breakfast Roundtable meeting organised in Vaasa on the 22nd September will be Tom Lunabba, Project Director at Freja Transport & Logistics Oy. His presentation will focus on the complex world of project logistics, including the different fields within a project seen from the logistical side:

  • how to tackle a complex project
  • where to start
  • what to do next
  • whom to talk to

The presentation will take place at Vaasa offices Runsor in the Auditorium.


BRT Helsinki: A Thousand Tools for Managing Agile Projects – How to Pick the Right One?

It is widely recognized that adopting a more lean/agile approach to both product and business development is key for surviving and thriving in today’s competitive landscape. But for all but the smallest organizations, “going lean” is way easier said than done.

portfoliomgmt on different levels

Studies have found that once an organization is ready to transform, a key obstacle still lies in traditional management tools that are designed to support a plan-driven management model. And while there nowadays are hundreds of alternatives that claim to support an agile approach, how is one to make a choice – especially when every vendor claims that their solution is the most intuitive one out there.

In this talk, Dr. Jarno Vähäniitty walks you through the historical development of modern development processes, from 1950’s to the present day, and based on this explains which properties of a lean/agile work management tool are essential to look for when making a choice for your organization.


Jarno is one of Finland’s leading experts on agile and traditional development methodologies and tools. He has a Ph.D. from Aalto University where he spent 14 years studying agile development and how to connect it with product, project and portfolio management, as well as leading the initial development of Agilefant as an open source project. Jarno has published tens of articles in international journals and conferences. Since 2014, Jarno, a co-founder of Agilefant Ltd., is driving the change with their biggest clients and explores the expanding landscape of working lean and agile.

Doors open at 8:00, light breakfast is served. The talk starts at 8:30. Attending this event gets you 1.5 PDU. It will be possible to the attend event remotely.

BRT Helsinki: Leadership & Decision Making

BRT August 2016

On August 12, 2016, the speaker will be Päivi Heikinheimo, Business Management Consultant at Novetos Oy. She will focus on two essential themes in Project Management:

  • Leadership: How to effectively apply the Balanced Leadership Model in projects?
  • Decision Making: How to make sure that decisions are not a bottleneck in projects?

By attending the event, you earn 1.5 PDUs.

Even broadcast and recording is available at Periscope. Presentation materials available here.

Takeaways EMEA LIM 2016

PMI Finland Chapter was present (Vesa Koskela and Javier Martin) in EMEA Leadership Institute Meeting 2016, held in Barcelona. It is a PMI annual event that brings together leaders and volunteers from chapters in PMI EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) to exchange experiences and best practices on chapter operations.

There are many PMI news, takeaways and lessons learned from PMI staff and from our colleagues in other chapters in PMI EMEA which we took home from this exciting event. These will help us improve our chapter value to our members. Find some important ones below:

  • Project management value proposition is changing from pre-defined technical project management knowledge into providing ongoing improvements of one’s skills in organising/organisational, leadership and strategy areas.
  • PMI Educational Foundation has new material for schools for providing organisation and leadership skills knowledge to students of various ages. There were great example projects presented from other chapters, e.g. PM summer camp for young pupils not affording commercial camps, where they created a movie with high-profile volunteers.
  • PMI Practitioner guide for Agile project management coming out next year, likely coming to review late this year. For ACP certification, currently PMI refers to 3rd party books.
  • Finland offerings will be more mapped to be aligned with PMI talent triangle
  • Finland chapter is looking into co-operation opportunities with other EMEA Chapters (UK, Sweden and Poland) for possible cooperation i.e. sharing speaker’s database, topics, sponsors, etc.
  • SEMINARSWORLD 2016, Athens, Greece, 12-13th September
  • SEMINARSWORLD 2016, London November 14-15th November
  • The EMEA LIM, the GLOBAL CONGRESS and SEMINARSWORLD 2017 will be held in Rome